Feminine Consciousness

The art of gentle, truthful and resilient presence

It is a quality of being that embraces the complementarity in duality, honours cyclicity, and commits to developing constructive resources for each challenge, both individually and collectively.

We are living in  a crucial time for transformation of structures, beliefs, values, internally and externally. Allowing the feminine side of the psyche to manifest, through empathy and care, is a profound way to truly connect to ourselves, our families, community and Mother Earth.


Íris Garcia

Mother, Woman, mammal, pilgrim and caregiver of the wild places.

Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist, somatic movement educator, doula, herbalist, artist, author, iberian healer, recollector of iberian and proto-celtic traditional, medicinal, artistic and shamanic wisdom.

Researcher of the intricate relation between body, Earth and the Sacred through animism, ecology, psychology and physiology.

Tendering to the fertile places of Earth and Body, soil and soul, through movement, therapy, ritual and teaching. Nourishing sensitive presence, active listening, conscious observation and weaving connection.

My base education is contemporary literature and dramaturgy, contemporary dance, traditional north african and middle eastern dance.
Additionally, I am trained in Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy, doula, yoga, permaculture, traditional, medicinal and shamanic herbalism.

I have been a shamanic researcher and practitioner for over two decades, focusing on Iberian and proto-celtic animism, archaic eco mythology,  traditional and medicinal  Portuguese paganism.

Presently I teach and offer therapy in Portugal and the UK.

I live in Sintra where I co-founded Senhora d’Azenha a center for ecology, art, therapy and earth spirituality.

Simultaneously I develop my personal project Earth Body Medicine.

Lila Nuit

Lila Moreira

I am a herbalist, dream and crystal therapist, conscious cook and ritual dance artist.

I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a sister, a friend and I am in service of Mother Earth.

I was born and raised in the countryside, observing myself in the seasons on Earth. A great part of my learning is from experiencing, hands-on, the Mother (Matter) – Nature – source of life and key to wisdom. I have a degree in Institutional communication. Rebelling against my field of studies I acknowledged my need to bring more humanism to the reality we live in through art, nutrition and healing. I am a self-taught herbalist, crystal and dream therapist and conscious cook. I am a ritual dancer, having studied Oriental and Organic Movement with the artist and medicine woman Iris Lican, with the art activist Mariana Lemos and with the musician Baltazar Molina. I co-director of the project Senhora d’Azenha, center for Art. Therapy and eco-spirituality in Portugal, as well as co-founder of the ecological collective Teia da Terra. 

I teach holistic herbalism focusing on incenses, essences, elixirs, conscious cooking and story-telling. I have created the project Earthwalking (bare foot walking retreats in wild nature), Corpo Essência (crystal therapy) and Delphos Seeds oracle. I aim to offer an integrated work of healing and self development. By whichever of these paths, the choice is always an expression of Pure Life in movement, consciously creating what each moment requires in connection to All in resonance.

Other Projects
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