Conscious Eating

With Lila Moreira

How do we look after our body during the distinct phases of our fertility cycle, different ages of womanhood and diverse seasons throughout the year?
In these sessions we will support you into transitioning to a healthier lifestyle through what you eat, understanding the emotional component of your nutritional choices, learning how to nourish your self not only in a healthy way but also integrating in your daily routine meditative aspects that help you to foster a more conscious and sacred relationship to everything that you take into yourself: from the body to the heart, from the table to your life.

We will approach:

– seasonal fruits and vegetables and their importance

– emotions and eating

– diet transitions and balanced lifestyle

– the importance of local and organic agriculture

– Food is the best Medicine!

– Mindful Cooking, Mindful Eating

– Quantity vs Quality

– How to eat raw food?

– Infusions, tinctures and fermented foods

– Nourishing and medicinal vegetarian recipes to support:

– the immune system

– the circulatory system

– Vitality and mental balance

– Hair and Skin

– The kitchen of the Goddess

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Lila Moreira


Woman, Mother, Sister, Caregiver.
Living from the experience and observation of Earth’s cycles, in deep reverence for all of Her generosity.
Therapist: crystals, dreams, somatic education, holistic herbalism. Conscious and medicinal cooking and teaching, shamanic healer.
Creativity and healing are the two beacons that guide and inspire each aspect of this work in all of its complementary diversity.


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