DOULA follow up throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum

with Íris Garcia

We know, by scientific evidence, that the empathic presence of a doula reduces pain and therefore the use of anesthesia in natural birth. The doula is a gentle presence, that supports both mother and couple while providing science evidence based information and following the guidelines of WHO for natural low risk births.
The doula supports emotionally and physiologically during the pregnancy, birth and/or post partum. By fostering healthy bonding and nourishing the woman’s power through respecting her choices, needs and requests while expanding her psycho somatic resources to deal with the challenges and changes of this stage of her life, with confidence and safety.

Individual sessions: online or in Sintra


Íris Garcia


Mother, Woman, mammal, pilgrim and caregiver of the wild places.
Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist, somatic movement educator, doula, herbalist, artist, author, iberian healer, recollector of iberian and proto-celtic traditional, medicinal, artistic and shamanic wisdom.
Researcher of the intricate relation between body, Earth and the Sacred through animism, ecology, psychology and physiology.
Tendering to the fertile places of Earth and Body, soil and soul, through movement, therapy, ritual and teaching. Nourishing sensitive presence, active listening, conscious observation and weaving connection.


    • Íris Garcia : +351 965 143 973
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    • Sintra
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