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Dream Medicine

With Lila Moreira

Clarissa Pinkola Estés defines dream as being alettre from our home, the home of the soul.

Dream Medicine is a work of infinite space for our imagination, so that we may acknowledge and practise the language of our subconscious therefore transposing it to our creative and immediate conscious self.

Dreams are a state of permanent creativity and through recovering them we open a window to a rich, colourful and joyful communication with our subconscious, we learn how to travel through the landscapes and faces that touch us, becoming further confident as we move through challenges and enigmas that our souls place before us so that we may grow and learn through them.

Create, care for and heal are the main guidelines of our dreams and it is through these qualities that we foster self knowledge, pattern recognition and becoming free to rediscover and recreate whom we are in a safe space, that goes far beyond externat pressure and intentions, and is rooted at the heart of ourselves and our true will.

Dreams are a rich and inspiring world to work with our bodies, explore our writing, dance, painting and celebration of Life.

Bookings: lila.ildamoreira@gmail.com

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Lila Moreira


Woman, Mother, Sister, Caregiver.
Living from the experience and observation of Earth’s cycles, in deep reverence for all of Her generosity.
Therapist: crystals, dreams, somatic education, holistic herbalism. Conscious and medicinal cooking and teaching, shamanic healer.
Creativity and healing are the two beacons that guide and inspire each aspect of this work in all of its complementary diversity.


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    • Íris Garcia : +351 965 143 973
    • Lila Moreira : +351 914 145 549
    • Sintra
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