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Drum Medicine

With Íris Garcia e Lila Moreira

The drum healing ceremonies are part of the most ancient shamanic practises, transversal to all tribal cultures.

The drum is the first sound we hear, as we grow beneath our mother’s heart. Through the drum we journey beyond words while fully acknowledging our true expression, the Spirit within us. 

Be welcome, be who you are, allow the drum to speak to you and listen: the drum will ground you and guide you.

The vibration will make your heartbeat sing as it takes us into amplified states of consciousness, where we can release emotional, physical and spiritual tension and recover our natural rhythm and flow, in alignment with Life’s wisdom.

Drum ceremonies have multiple purposes:

  • to heal: the body, the way we relate, our emotions, thoughts and actions
  • to open our vision
  • to align our vital energy centers
  • to promote health in all levels
  • to offer guidance about our choices

We work with different kinds of Drum ceremonies, from different cultures. The ceremonies can be individual or in a circle.


Íris Garcia


Mother, Woman, mammal, pilgrim and caregiver of the wild places.
Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist, somatic movement educator, doula, herbalist, artist, author, iberian healer, recollector of iberian and proto-celtic traditional, medicinal, artistic and shamanic wisdom.
Researcher of the intricate relation between body, Earth and the Sacred through animism, ecology, psychology and physiology.
Tendering to the fertile places of Earth and Body, soil and soul, through movement, therapy, ritual and teaching. Nourishing sensitive presence, active listening, conscious observation and weaving connection.

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Lila Moreira


Woman, Mother, Sister, Caregiver.
Living from the experience and observation of Earth’s cycles, in deep reverence for all of Her generosity.
Therapist: crystals, dreams, somatic education, holistic herbalism. Conscious and medicinal cooking and teaching, shamanic healer.
Creativity and healing are the two beacons that guide and inspire each aspect of this work in all of its complementary diversity.


    • info@feminineconsciousness.com
    • Íris Garcia : +351 965 143 973
    • Lila Moreira : +351 914 145 549
    • Sintra
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