Conscious Fertility Educador Training

with Íris Garcia e Lila Nuit

This training is for all women who feel called to merge deeply in traditional and ritual feminine medicine, both to themselves as well as a professional complement.

For a full week we will be studying native european, south american and ayurvedic natural and herbal medicinal practises for women, combined with self-development, sharing between women and in communion with the beautiful Nature of Sintra, Portugal.

Honouring the principles of the circle, learning how to hold space and guide women’s circle with empathy, awareness, groundedness, authenticity and rigour.

Our training is certified by our project, Feminine Consciousness and you will become part of our educators network.

☽ How does it work?

This is an intensive training, limited to a maximum number of women.

To apply please send us a motivation letter, lettings us know a little about who you are, your experience in this area and why you wish to take this training at this moment of your life.

☽ Where?

At Senhora d’Azenha, our amazing space in Sintra, Portugal, 30 minutes away from Lisbon airport.

Our training is not residential, we are happy to send you a list of places to stay within walking distance.

Our lunch is shared.


  • The skin of the Soul: body- mind relation
  • The fertility cycle and its phases
  • The stages of womanhood: body and soul metamorphosis
  • The child, menarche, the Lover, the Mother (conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum), the crone
  • Yoni: portal of life, death and transformation
  • Moon planting: sacred offering of our menses
  • Líbido and sexuality
  • The hormonal body


  • Natural contraception
  • Vaginal showers and vaginal baths: cold and warm, purposes and aims
  • Therapeutic full body baths
  • Hand and feet baths
  • Anointments, ablutions, herbal waters
  • Medicinal bathing formulas 
  • Vaginal steaming: when and how to use them
  • Cataplasms
  • Smudging and medicinal smoke therapy
  • Medicinal teas: infusions and decoctions
  • Medicinal Tinctures
  • Macerated oils for nutrition and therapy
  • Medicinal and ritual incense making
  • Magical herbalism
  • Herbalism in our houses
  • Preparing herbal remedies and essences
  • Medicinal clays


  • Yoni eggs
  • Navel stones
  • pendants
  • grids
  • elixirs
  • Crystal synergies


  • Conscious Movement
  • Praticises in the wild Nature
  • Energy practises
  • The path of the seed as the path of the womb: from compoust to sprouting
  • Life- Death-Renewal
  • Dream work, conscious intuition and vision
  • Ancestrality and presence: lineage cleansing and recovering inner power
  • The shawls, the rebozo and traditional waist bands


  • Ritual Creation, prayer and medicine songs
  • The Medicine bag
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • The cyclical journey: Goddesses of fertility and the underworld
  • Archetypes and stories of the wild woman
  • The medicine belt


  • Food as Medicine
  • Nutrition ad the cycle of fertility
  • Nutrition and the ages of womanhood
  • Food is sacred


    • Íris Garcia : +351 965 143 973
    • Lila Nuit : +351 914 145 549
    • Sintra
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