Feminine Consciousness

We are the living story that the Earth is telling through us.
We tell this living story that the Earth is telling through us.

Feminine Consciousness

We are the living story that the Earth is telling through us.
We tell this living story that the Earth is telling through us.



Regular Tantra Yoga practises for women, with crystal yoni eggs (optional, you can feel all the benefits of this work even without the eggs). A deep embodiment work on your deeper self.



The soul journeys are online courses for your self knowledge and to foster your connection to your body and the living Earth. 



Women’s circles with shamanic and eco-spirituality practises. You can joined one of the circles we organize or gather your own group of women and book a date with us.



Our consultations are individual sessions that aim to provide a personal follow up that enables you to care for, look after and regenerate from wounding and pain, recover your inner power, bring more balance to your relations, know yourself deeper, develop and enhance your gifts and potential.

Our sessions can be online or presencial, please make your booking through our e-mail or whatsapp contacts. If you are travelling from abroad to work with us we are happy to create a personal therapeutic retreat that honours your needs and that fills your heart with the beauty of the wild Nature around us.

Feminine Consciousness, the art of gentle, truthful and resilient presence.

It is a quality of being that embraces the complementarity in duality, honours cyclicity, and commits to developing constructive resources for each challenge, both individually and collectively.

We are living in  a crucial time for transformation of structures, beliefs, values, internally and externally. Allowing the feminine side of the psyche to manifest, through empathy and care, is a profound way to truly connect to ourselves, our families, community and Mother Earth.

13 Moons : The ancient celtic-iberian moon calendar

☼ 13 Online Circles

This course is hosted by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Teachings Website.

Iris and Lila have been researching traditional and magical calendars and different wheels of the year for over a decade. The 13 Moons journey is the fruit of in depth study and practise of the symbolic, practical, ecological, alchemical, shamanic and pagan layers of these ancient calendars.

It is a combination of Sacred and Feminine Ecology, the celtic wheel of the year, the shamanic Medicine Wheel, power plants, trees, stones and animals.


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Espiritualidade da Terra
Medicina Feminina Natural, Herbal e Ritual
Formação, Vivências e Terapia Pessoal

I have found my tribe of sisters, the feminine union between us all.
I have received a lot of Love and healing.
This work has been deeply important to me. Endless gratitude.
Your work is of great, great value.
I am bringing with me Love, healing, harmony, peace, kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, trust and nutrition.
I am leaving gratitude and so much Love.
It has been a deep dive into my soul, I feel so much tenderness towards the care of all women in the circle.
I am feeling grateful and in recognition of the many blessings I have in my life. I am aware of our unity, of the greater good, I have developed tools of self awareness that allow me to work with my emotions, thoughts and beliefs in a deeper way.
Celebration, forest, celebration, ancestrality, wisdom, feminine, female, sacred woma. Love, Love, Love.
I feel valued on my womanhood and confident to express my inner self. I am more certain of what I want for myself. All my feelings are legitimate and that makes me feel part of the whole, and beyond everything I feel that I can Be beyond fear.
My hope is reinforced and the sisterhood is real, the healing is between us and for all.
The forest is inside me and I will return to the woods often because they are my home.
Thank you for you/our work.
We are One!
I came without any expectations, open to receive.
The reason why I was here revealed itself as we walked through the forest, in the mountain.
It was a return, that complements my continual journey to the land where I live and grow.
Thank you for sharing your sacred space. It was medicine. I am open to allow time to bring whatever revelations it has for me, after this journey, from now and into the future.
I hold you in Love and gratitude.

Two Women, Soul Sisters, Therapists, Artists, and Educators.

Iris Lican


Lila Nuit



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