Mother Care: Preparation for Conscious Birth

With doula Íris Garcia

To care for the Mother is to look after the possibility of a new life, not only of the child but of the woman whom is about to become a mother, the couple and the family.
To support the mother is to foster a culture of deeper respect, affection, contact, truth, sensitivity and care.
These sessions are meant to support the Mother as she journeys through becoming a mother and preparing for birth and life with a baby.

Individual sessions: online or in Sintra
Bookings: iris@feminine

What do we work with?

– Yoga therapy

– psycho somatic education, therapy and movement

– body awareness

– emotional awareness

– science based information on humanized natural birth

– meditation in movement

– bonding and attachment as crucial for the nervous system of mother and child

– natural care for mother and baby

– pregnancy, birth and postpartum

– herbalism in motherhood

– mindfulness, listening and sensitive presence to the needs of mother and baby

– sexuality and affection

– the mother shadow

– trauma and resilience

– healing the mother’s birth and childhood


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    • Sintra
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