Yoga Therapy with Yoni Eggs

With Íris Garcia e Lila Moreira

Crystal and wooden eggs are part of several energy practises connected to the Sacred Feminine, over millennia.

By its shape and therapeutic properties of the different minerals, yoni eggs work not only with the feminine reproductive system but also with the hormonal and nervous system, therefore having a strong impact on all somatic structures and their health.

The communication between all of our body systems creates our psycho-emotional personality and determine our behaviour and state of balance.  When we work consciously with somatic embodiment through the yoni eggs practise we realize that our body holds portals to inner knowledge, transformation and wisdom, as well as sources of deep vitality, regeneration and integrity.

Combining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions this practise is rooted on the ancestral wisdom of feminine Yoga and psycho-somatic education.

Through embodiment, breath, dynamic balance, posture, alignment and tonus we merge into a state of conscious presence, mindfulness and self-regulation. Creating possibilities for the release of conditioning experiences, memories and beliefs as we foster a deeper space of sensitivity where profound insights and self-revelations take place. Therefore, we develop more capacity of sustaining our sensations and emotions, feeling the as they move us and moving with them consciously, with empathy and kindness.

This is a space of intimate connection with yourself through the alignment of the womb, heart and mind.

Direct benefits:

  • Awareness of your sexual energy and directing this energy to whole vitality
  • To fully live your sexual, creative and affection energy
  • Connect your sexual energy to the pleasure of being alive and fostering loving environments for yourself and your relations
  • Release trauma and resignify experiences of pain
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Understanding the Yoni ( vulva, all reproductive system, pelvic floor) as basis to the feminine bio-emotional structure
  • Harmonize your fertility cycles, menarche, menses and menopause
  • Develop empathic communication as well as clear, honest boundaries
  • Commit to self-care with regular time and space

Íris Garcia


Mother, Woman, mammal, pilgrim and caregiver of the wild places.
Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist, somatic movement educator, doula, herbalist, artist, author, iberian healer, recollector of iberian and proto-celtic traditional, medicinal, artistic and shamanic wisdom.
Researcher of the intricate relation between body, Earth and the Sacred through animism, ecology, psychology and physiology.
Tendering to the fertile places of Earth and Body, soil and soul, through movement, therapy, ritual and teaching. Nourishing sensitive presence, active listening, conscious observation and weaving connection.

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Lila Moreira


Woman, Mother, Sister, Caregiver.
Living from the experience and observation of Earth’s cycles, in deep reverence for all of Her generosity.
Therapist: crystals, dreams, somatic education, holistic herbalism. Conscious and medicinal cooking and teaching, shamanic healer.
Creativity and healing are the two beacons that guide and inspire each aspect of this work in all of its complementary diversity.


    • Íris Garcia : +351 965 143 973
    • Lila Moreira : +351 914 145 549
    • Sintra
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