Crystal therapy for Women

Com Lila Nuit

The womb and crystals share several common characteristics.

They both carry the memory of creation, the vibration of life and healing. No matter how much we might want to understand and study them from an intellectual point of view, their depth can only be discovered through acceptance and listening.

Presently, our body is often subject to invasive methods that are apparently healing but that may easily disrespect our intricate sensitivity and the possibility of self-regeneration through self-knowledge.

Many women experience throughout their lives circumstances that destabilize the organism in severe ways, such as: hormonal contraception, violent births and/or birth recoveries, memories of violence, neglect and abuse.

Crystal therapy is an approach of subtle treatment, that becomes a powerful complement for a deep healing holistic journey, acting upon the several layers of the body: physical, etherical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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